orange tabby cats in box

A good Samaritan helped save the lives of 11 abandoned cats dumped in an alley sealed in cardboard boxes

Eleven abandoned cats were rescued by an animal rescue group in East London after being found in cardboard boxes on the street. An unknown person had sealed the cats in boxes with heavy-duty tape. A good Samaritan named Wendy stumbled upon the boxes and heard meow cries from the boxes and contacted the Celia Hammond … Read more

Cats on a dirty apartment staircase

32 neglected cats rescued from abandoned apartment in Bangkok

32 cats were rescued from one apartment in Bangkok, Thailand. They were brought to the Cat Kingdom of Elephant Nature Park in northern Thailand, where they recovered and learned how to live their best lives. To the rescue In a terrible situation of neglect, an apartment owner moved out and left behind 32 cats without … Read more

A black and white cat looking at the camera.

A family moved out and cruelly left their cat behind but a kind-hearted neighbor gave him a new home

In July 2020, a stunned woman witnessed her neighbors across the street leave their senior cat, never to return. The abandoned elderly cat was left behind outside in the elements anticipating his owner’s return to no avail. The feline felt heartbroken and defeated, with no shelter from the heat, rain, or cold. Maria, the concerned … Read more

Kitten thrown out

Kitten saved from traffic after being thrown out car window

On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, a woman was driving her sedan nearby Kalamazoo, Michigan, when she witnessed an egregious act of cruelty toward a poor little kitten. A driver rolled down his window and purposefully dumped a kitten overboard in the row of vehicles in front of her. The watchful woman immediately stopped her engine … Read more

white short hair cat

Homeowner stunned to find new house is already occupied by two cats 

New homeowner Julia Davis got a big surprise after purchasing her new house — when she discovered that she had unwittingly also inherited two cats. The two kitties, which Davis named Roof and Coop, have become TikTok sensations as their journey from being abandoned by the previous homeowners to becoming the newest members of the Davis … Read more