Two pictures side by side: one of cat fur balls in a glass jar, the other a fluffy cat with blue eyes

This cat owner collects her cat’s fur balls in a glass jar as a decoration

Fluffy cats are so beautiful and irresistibly cute, but what are their owners supposed to do about all that extra fur lying around the house and in the cat’s hairbrush? Most people would vacuum it up and toss it out, but not this cat owner. She keeps her cat’s fur balls and turns them into … Read more

Cat with wound near nose from pellet gun shot

Cat that was shot in the face with a pellet gun is doing much better

This cat from the UK got shot in the face with a pellet gun, to her owner’s dismay. She was okay and healed up fine, but it was still very upsetting. According to the owner, she was a nine-year-old cat and “only a little thing,” whose size had never quite caught up with her age. … Read more

A black cat stands outside behind a screen door next to a photo of the same cat after giving birth to her kittens

Stray returns to family’s house until she’s given a safe place to deliver her kittens

A stray cat kept returning to one family’s house for food, but she wasn’t just looking for a meal. She was looking for a safe place to give birth to her kittens. The stray, who was eventually named Laloue, would sit by the family’s window until they gave her something to eat. She was a … Read more

Stray cat at wedding makes groom remember late father

A cat crashes a wedding, reminding the groom of his cat-loving father

A groom had a surprise on the day of his wedding. A stray cat joined the wedding guests during the religious ceremony held in Italy. Alessandra and her fiance Frederico gathered their loved ones to celebrate their union under the blessing of the Church. Unfortunately, one dear to their hearts was sadly missing: Federico’s deceased … Read more

A grey fever coat kitten stands next to his black cat brother who is sticking his tongue out

Kitten refuses to leave his premie brother’s side and helps him to survive

Since being born premature and abandoned by their mother, kittens Laszlo and Lestat have always had each others’ backs. They even helped to nurse one another through illness to stay alive. The two were found abandoned in a backyard with their other siblings and taken in by the Orphan Kitten Club. Lestat was placed in … Read more

A paraplegic orange tabby cat sits on his front paws with his back legs in a split

This paraplegic cat can get around incredibly fast on just his two front paws

George is a very fast cat that loves to sprint around his house. And the ginger cat does it with just his front two legs since he is paraplegic. The orphaned cat is currently being fostered by UC Davis students Natalie Laurie and Claire Chung. The women came across George through the Orphan Kitty Project. … Read more