Special needs cat with bent front legs

Kitten’s leg deformity doesn’t slow her down, and she thinks she’s a cheetah!

This special needs kitten couldn’t walk like other cats, since she had a deformity in her front legs. But that didn’t stop her from growing into a healthy, happy kitten who could move and play with no problem. Leg deformity When Tulip the kitten arrived at Pumpkin Patch Rescue, a special needs rescue and foster … Read more

two baby kittens without front paws

Two kittens born without front paws display a remarkable zest for life

A woman discovered two kittens in critical health, fed them, and delivered them to a local charity so they could receive the care they required. The generous stranger who resides near Los Angeles, California found the kitties outside of her garden, the newborns were alone and injured. The woman waited a long time for the … Read more