Woman fell in love with this kitten with feline dwarfism as soon as she saw him

When Emily first saw Frank, she couldn’t believe he was real he was so cute! Emily’s boyfriend works in the military and so they had been looking to adopt a cat to keep Emily company while he was away. She wanted an animal companion that would provide comfort, companionship, and cuddles, and she found all … Read more

A white fluffy cat looks out from behind a chair.

Meet Teeny Kini: the Persian cat with feline dwarfism

Kini’s owner Adina found her on a pet adoption website after she was surrendered by her previous owners. The shelter that was looking after Kini told Adina that her last owners had moved and couldn’t take Kini with them. This sounded suspicious to Adina, as Kini is a purebred Persian cat, and she didn’t think … Read more