A Siamese cat sits in leather suitcase

A hurried passenger inadvertently packs his cat in his luggage!

All travelers have at least one experience of packing the wrong items only to find out too late. Yet, the passenger in the following story certainly pushed the envelope: he mistakenly packed… the house cat! This sidesplitting story was shared on Twitter by a user with the handle @JoeeCambo, although the original poster himself isn’t … Read more

A black and white cat sits on the ground looking at the camera.

A couple holds a funeral for their cat only for the kitty to reappear the next day!

Danielle and Sam Smith from Birmingham, England, buried their beloved cat Lucky’s body after he was struck by a car. So imagine their shock when the feline showed up the following day! Lucky, an 11-month-old cat, was very naughty according to his owners. The feline often tried to get into people’s houses, prompting his owners … Read more