Cat saves woman from heart attack

A cat alerts its sleeping owner from a possibly fatal heart attack by pawing on her chest

It’s widely accepted that pets can tremendously help their owners. 42-year-old Sam Felstead would certainly not contradict this assertion. Her house feline woke her up from a heart attack happening while she was sleeping. When people think about guardian angels, they imagine an ethereal human-like creature with mandatory wings or a departed relative. Yet, Sam … Read more

An elderly man plays with grey and white kitten with orange fluffy wand while sitting in chair.

An 85-year-old man’s cat came to his aid after a slip-and-fall in the shower

In a heartwarming YouTube video shared by 23 ABC News, an 85-year-old veteran, Ron Williams explains how he received a kitten named Fluffy from a friend. He did not realize that this little fluff ball would turn out to be the hero cat that would save his life. Perfect match Ron had previously served in … Read more

A black and white dog sits beside a ginger cat.

This incredible cat and her dog brother donate blood to help other pets

A spirited cat and a brave dog have become local heroes after repeatedly donating blood, their selfless act contributes to saving animals in need. Mandie Pannell chose to bring her five-year-old moggie Weasley and her six-year-old dog Spock to a donation center to assist veterinarian clinics and sick pets. Weasley, the ginger cat, has donated … Read more

A ginger cat sitting in the grass.

A cat saves a woman and her son from a fire ravaging their apartment in Spain

In Motril, a little town on Spain’s Mediterranean coast, a ginger kitty became quite the hero. Max, a seven-year-old cat, protected his family from a fire. Without the cat’s fast thinking, his owner and her son might not have made it out of their blazing apartment in time. While the humans were unharmed, the savior … Read more