Room full of ginger cats, litterboxes, and cat trees.

Clinic sets up room for 20 ginger cats rescued from a hoarding situation

Welcome to the ginger cats room! This cat clinic set aside a large room for these 20 cats that came from a hoarding house, and most of these are gingers. Any volunteer who sets foot in the room will see nothing but orange! A room full of ginger cats It’s a little out of the … Read more

Two people in a school auditorium with cats in cages.

Over 150 cats were rescued from a terrible animal hoarding situation

Last month, local authorities rescued 150 cats from a house in Connecticut. Animal control received an anonymous phone call for a wellness check for cats in a home in Winsted, Connecticut. Animal hoarding revealed Upon arrival, this wellness check turned into a full-on rescue mission. The Winsted/Winchester animal control officer found more than 150 cats … Read more