Gray tabby male cat nursing kittens

Kitten fosterer finds kittens trying to nurse on her male cat

People who foster kittens are often in for some surprises. Cats are unpredictable, and it’s hard to tell what hilarious or adorable things they’ll do next. This kitten fosterer was the recipient of one of these surprises one day when she walked in on her foster kittens to see them trying to nurse on her … Read more

Six kittens nurse on black cat mom

Cat acts as kittens’ surrogate mom for a short time in foster care

A mama cat with no kittens joined six kittens with no mama cat to be their surrogate mom. It only lasted a short time, but she still gave it her all. Surrogate mom When a lactating cat arrived at animal services alone, volunteers tried to find her kittens. Surely, they were out there somewhere. But … Read more

Pregnant cat looks out a window

Pregnant cat waits to give birth until her foster mom returns from a trip

Cat foster mom Stephanie was getting a new addition to her foster home, a very pregnant mama cat named Jersey. Stephanie was excited to help the cat give birth and see all the newborn kittens, but there was just one problem: she was on a trip away from home. She was worried that she wouldn’t … Read more