Woman raises funds for sick cat

Student sells books and everything she can to fund her sick cat’s treatment

Pets are an integral part of their owner’s life. Therefore, whenever these companions are hurting, so do their owners.  A Mexican student with a sick kitten decided to sell books, albums, and everything she could to fund the medical treatment. A resident from Mexico City named Gabriela Cruz opened up about the health condition of … Read more

Cat firefighter Wicho takes over Tiktok in Mexico

Meet Wicho, Mexico City Fire Department’s new member

In Mexico City, the Cuauhtémoc Station of the Mexico City Fire Department houses a famous worker:  Wichi, the new feline firefighter. The cat took on the station’s account on TikTok to introduce himself to the public.  And let’s say he’s not shy! Thus, the public got a glimpse of the background and life of this … Read more

a cat sits on a shelf filled with food packets in a supermarket.

Supermarket cat who would lead people to the pet treats aisle finally finds a loving home

A young woman bought cat food for a stray cat she met in a supermarket aisle. This encounter led to new beginnings as she adopted the moggy days later. Tania Santos, a Mexican resident, stopped into a store to buy a few things. While browsing the shelves, she noticed a white cat standing in the … Read more