Kitten with shaved stomach after surgery

This sick kitten miraculously recovered, like a phoenix rising from the ashes

This kitten was in poor shape when she arrived at the shelter. She was about to be euthanized, but people saw the potential in this kitten and decided to put in the hard work to save her. The kitten survived through her surgery and is doing much better now, like a phoenix rising from the … Read more

Gray kitten with taped legs

Scooting kitten miraculously learns to walk

This kitten was born with swimmer syndrome, a condition that made it so difficult to stand on her back legs that she had to move by scooting around. But with a month of consistent therapy, she made a miraculous comeback and learned how to walk. Swimmer kitten The kitten, Jitterbug, was taken into foster care … Read more

gray kittten held closely in the arms of woman

A recycling plant worker rescued three abandoned kittens from serious danger!

In December 2020, divine intervention stepped in when a recycling plant worker helped three abandoned kittens avoid death. One cold winter day in New Jersey, an unknown person put a backpack with three kittens stuffed inside into a recycling container. The container contents were thrown into a recycling truck in the evening as a snowstorm … Read more