Screenshot from side by side videos of cat playing piano and man singing along

This musician creates catchy songs using viral cat videos

The Kiffness is a musician from South Africa who creates remixes and collaborations with other musicians. He can make music with people and animals from all over the world even though they are far away, because he uses social media to connect and collaborate with them. His followers love his creative and catchy songs, especially … Read more

A wide-eyed long haired tabby cat looks up at the camera.

This cat loves to rock out to Metallica’s iconic track Enter Sandman

The band Metallica has legions of admirers worldwide; their concerts attract hordes of devotees with eye-catching attires and make-up. Yet, we’re sure the group didn’t consider this type of fan, an endearing tabby cat who loves to rock out! Even when you’re not a longtime fan, there’s something about heavy metal that brings out the … Read more

A cat walks across the stage in front of musicians at a music concert.

A cat steals the show at a classical concert in Istanbul

Who said that cats don’t like classical music? Think again! While the CCR Symphony Orchestra was performing as part of the Amadeus Fan Club concert in Istanbul, a plucky kitten stole the show. In Istanbul, the economic capital of Turkey, cats are considered sacred, the animals are clearly present and part of the landscape of … Read more

A ginger cat at a piano and a man on bass

Talented bassist duets with cats

A gifted musician has been gaining attention on Instagram for videos that share his unique duets with musically minded cats. Jeffin Rodegheri, whose Instagram handle is Jeffinmr, has charmed the internet with his freestyle duets that he creates with cats whose musical endeavors are posted online.  Giving it bass Rodegheri is a talented bass player … Read more

Tabby Cat wearing donut ring and sat on giant piano

YouTuber builds giant working piano for his cats

Popular YouTuber Half-Asleep Chris built a giant working piano for his cats, sharing the hilarious process with his many subscribers. In a video about the process, Chris expresses his belief that his cat Ralph is the world’s greatest jazz pianist as the cat displays his musical talents by rubbing his head on a standard keyboard. … Read more