Gray cat paws reaching under door

This funny cat turns everything into a real-life horror movie

As Halloween approaches, many people are watching scary movies. But this cat owner is living in her own horror movie, and the terrifying monster that is haunting her is her own cat! Sweet on the outside Baron is a gorgeous gray kitty, and she’s usually very sweet. Her owner loves Baron and her other cat, … Read more

Orange and white cat plays with a catnip pickle toy

18-year-old cat becomes a kitten again when he plays with his pickle toy

18 years old is a lot for a cat. Most cats at this age will spend most of the day lounging around and relaxing. This cat enjoys his share of relaxation, but when he got his paws on a catnip-filled pickle toy, he went wild, unleashing his inner kitten. Kitten with a pickle This cat, … Read more

Ollie with milk freshness seals

This cat has a peculiar love for milk carton freshness seals

Desires are sometimes hard to explain. Ollie, an adopted cat, has discovered a love for fresh milk carton seals and has become an avid collector, even hiding them in unlikely places. Callie Samuels shares her Los Angeles home with Zero and Ollie, two tiger alley cats with strong characters. In an interview with The Dodo, … Read more