Study finds human DNA on cats

Cats’ fur could help solve criminal investigations according to new research

For several years, investigators have relied on the extraordinary capacity of dogs to smell to demonstrate that a suspect was present at a crime scene. But what about cats, which are their greatest adversaries? Recently, investigators from Flinders University in Australia concluded that they, too, can be of great use in solving some types of … Read more

Feline virus could infect humans, science says

A new study reveals that a feline virus could spread to humans

Recent studies have shown that the virus known as “feline morbillivirus,” which can lead to renal failure in cats, is also a potential human pathogen. In October 2022, the National Academy of Sciences published the newest findings of virologists from the University of Pittsburgh. The highlighted research discovered that a virus responsible for chronic kidney … Read more

Three-legged cat receives a prosthesis

Nebraska University students develop a prosthetic for a three-legged rescue kitten

The University of Nebraska students majoring in biological systems engineering have succeeded in creating a prosthetic leg for a three-legged feline. They conducted experiments with Olive, a brown tabby cat. Olive, a stray cat, found in a local shelter, had a cleft in her leg and was born with three paws. One of the veterinarians, … Read more