Squishy the missing cat is found in Ohio

A cat lost during a road trip in Ohio reappears after nearly three weeks

When a cat named Squishy disappeared during a road trip, his owner tried everything she could think to find the puss but to no avail. Finally, after three weeks of anguish, Chelsea Berkowitz received great news. Her short hair cat was no longer missing; someone had found and cared for him during this time. On … Read more

Missing cat from California found in Idaho

A cat lost a decade ago in California is found miles away in Idaho

Susan Moore’s cat went missing ten years ago in Sanger, California. After all this time, the woman certainly didn’t expect a call announcing the kitten’s reappearance. Even less in Idaho, more than thousand miles from home. The Californian brought kitten Harriet home from a shelter. Moore and her husband had recently moved to the countryside, … Read more

Missing cat reappears after fifteen months

Cat returned home to Côtes-d’Armor after being gone for 15 long months

After vanishing 130 kilometers away from home, a black house cat eventually made his way back fifteen months later. His family, stunned by the feline reappearance, shared the fantastic tale. The once-lost pet returned to his hometown Ploumagoar, France, in September 2021 after a long journey across the Finistère region. Like his namesake, the famous … Read more

A missing cat purr helps him return to owner find him

A British woman locates her long-missing cat after hearing his signature purr on the phone

By pure coincidence, a cat owner whose pet had been missing for eight months identified the cat’s voice during a conversation she was having with her veterinarian. This unbelievable circumstance led to the successful reunion of the puss and its owner in Braintree, Essex. Rachael Lawrence lost one of her house cats, Barnaby, some time … Read more

lost cat and owner reunited

The reunion of an Italian grandmother with her cat, who disappeared for four years, is very moving

A senior citizen lost both her home and her cat when an earthquake struck her Italian hometown in 2018.  Past the initial confusion of the natural disaster, the woman named Dora had spent years seeking her cat, but she had not been successful in finding it. After a quest that lasted for four years, Dora … Read more

Panther the lost cat is found next door

An incredible chance reunited a cat with its previous owner after five years apart

A woman who thought her cat was lost forever miraculously found the animal way closer than she imagined five years later. The cat had an eventful journey before ending up in the house next door. Nguhi Muturi, who uses the Twitter handle @ngvhi, wrote about the incredible comeback of her pet Panther. Her interesting post … Read more

Two ginger tabby kittens.

Long-lost twins reunited after their owners start dating

Sometimes fate works in curious ways. The following story reads like a soap opera but is a true testimony. A pair of kittens who were split up after being adopted were reunited years later by chance when their respective owners fell in love. To better understand this tale, you have to go back in time. … Read more