Two pictures of brown Persian cat, one with wide eyes, the other squinting

Noodle the friendly cat has a less friendly alter ego: Needle

Noodle is a friendly, loveable cat, but he has a dark secret: his alter ego, Needle. Noodle will stare at you with adorable googly eyes, but when he’s upset, he will transform into Needle and judge you with a squinty gaze. Noodle and Needle have two separate Instagram accounts: @friendly.noodles and @unfriendly.needles. Their followers have … Read more

Three cats wearing sweaters sitting on a gate.

These three intrepid kitties travel the world with their owner

Spongecake, Donut, and Mocha are three adventurous cats who have become world travelers. Dan Nguyen, the cats’ owner, began documenting their urban adventures and posting them on the social network TikTok. New Yorker Dan and his wife Olivia enjoy traveling, they are nomads at heart, having visited the US, Europe, and Asia. Besides exploring new … Read more

Close up of a cat's face inside of a sleeve.

Have you met Maru? – the cat that likes to squeeze into small places

Maru is a 15-year-old grey and white Scottish fold cat from Japan with a proclivity for squeezing into tight spaces. Maru has always had a playful personality. His owner has been taking videos of him and posting them on YouTube since he was a kitten, as seen in the video below. Maru’s antics continue to … Read more