A Siamese cat looking past the camera.

A missing Siamese cat was discovered almost 300 miles from their home, how they traveled so far is still a mystery

A Siamese cat took advantage of her owner’s inattention to escape in Northern Wales. Following an unsuccessful search in his village, the moggy was discovered 280 miles away in Essex. Ashley, a two-year-old cat, lived with Dan and Val Worsley in Glan Conwy, a community in County Borough, Wales. On April 15th, the kitty got … Read more

A siamese kitten sits upon a table.

This grieving woman’s heart was healed by a Siamese kitten

Two months after losing her beloved cat Maddie, Shannon was still grieving when a friend called her and asked if she could temporarily take in an abandoned kitten they had found. Even though she didn’t feel ready for a new kitten, she agreed. Although she wasn’t sure if she would keep the kitten, Shannon decided … Read more