Cat ladders in Bern are the topic of a book

An artist photographs atypical ladders installed to help cats climb into their buildings in Bern

Cats ladders have made their apparition in many cities. These miniatures allow kitties to move up and down the stairs and hallways of their apartment complex with ease. Bern, the Swiss city, is full of them. Consequently, graphic artist and author Brigitte Schuster has compiled a book about these unusual cat structures titled Swiss cat … Read more

A lost cat found seven years later

A lost cat reappears seven years after fleeing and living twenty minutes away the whole time

Seven years after it went missing, a woman in Rheinfelden, Switzerland, finally located her 16-year-old cat. The cat was found in an animal sanctuary in Muttenz, Switzerland. The circumstances of the moggy’s disappearance were relatively simple. Winnetou just snuck out of his cat net. His owner told 20 minutes: “I had left him on my … Read more