cat rests comfortably on mans chest man sitting on sofa wearing blue shirt

This man adopted a sibling for his eldest cat with separation anxiety, and what happened next will warm your heart.

When a man living in New York City brought a new kitten home to meet his timid eldest cat Toulouse, he didn’t know what to expect. Suffering from separation anxiety, this cat’s father faced quite the challenge. New addition. In a heartwarming video on YouTube, a man recounts his experience bringing his new Himalayan kitten … Read more

A black and white cat hiding under furniture with toys

This timid cat was totally transformed after her foster mom executed a clever plan

At the start of the pandemic, Gia, a timid cat, was rescued from a dumping ground. Fosterer Stacia of Brooklyn, NY, wanted to foster a cat and expected the arrangement to be temporary, but fate had other plans. First impressions  Stacia remembers her first few nights with Gia in her house, as they were pretty … Read more