Cat with three eyes goes viral on the internet

Cat born with three eyes shocks the Internet

A video showcasing a special kitten has people shocked. The tiny cat has not two but three eyeballs, an anomaly derived from a genetic mutation. Reactions vary from sheer amazement and reasonable doubt to concerns about the cat’s health. Since the video’s upload, the account has been inundated with questions relating to this unusual occurrence. … Read more

A cat sits in front of a yellow background.

A post office worker makes a shocking discovery in a package of kitty litter!

The United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) made an unsettling finding in the city of Romulus, Michigan, in the United States. They found a parcel containing more than kitty litter. The investigation started on August 19th, 2021, when a postal employee intercepted a parcel with a priority label. The package was addressed to Jacob Dupree … Read more

Two images: One of a black and white cat, one of two wedding rings.

A woman ‘marries’ her cat to prevent a landlord from separating them

A surreal event occurred in a London city park in April 2022: a woman married her cat. The wedding took place for a specific reason. The practice of some landlords inserting a no-pets clause in their lease agreements is well-known. However, for Deborah Hodge, a 46-year-old Londoner, this type of clause has come with a … Read more