Picture from game, orange tabby cat lying on blanket in the grass

Game developer creates game inspired by their cat

An independent game developer created a game inspired by their own cat, and when it releases, it’s sure to take the internet by storm. About 28 days ago, Reddit user u/wegotyoup, also known as youpiepoopie, posted their first announcement about a cat-themed game about their cat Mosey. They posted a video trailer for the game … Read more

A still from the game Nine Noir Lives.

Cat-themed video game Nine Noir Lives is scheduled for release in September

Following the success of the cat-themed video game Stray this summer, another cat-inspired adventure game is making players purr with excitement: Nine Noir Lives. Designed in the 1980’s game style, Nine Noir Lives offers a cast of charming feline characters and a vintage style that should make whiskers fanatics happy. The game is studio Silvernode Games’ … Read more

A gray and white cat standing close to a televison screen.

Owners record hilarious videos of their kitties reacting to a cat-themed video game

A few months ago, game publisher Annapurna Interactive announced the July release of Stray, an interactive video game where the player walks in the shoes of a stray cat trying to find his way in a futuristic robot city. The highly-anticipated game was finally released on July 19th to immediate success. Now Stray is taking … Read more