underweight baby mountain lion club

Hikers stumbled upon an abandoned mountain lion cub and, with one phone call, saved its life.

In April this year, hikers spotted an orphaned mountain lion cub in the San Mateo, California area. They called authorities and reported it to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Big cat rescue. Biologists transported the dehydrated baby cub to the Oakland Zoo for treatment. Nationally recognized as a leader in a animal welfare, … Read more

Two rusty spotted wild cat kittens in a red carrier.

Rescuers help a distressed wild cat reunite with her babies in India

In September 2021, the RESQ Charitable Trust rescue team posted a heartwarming Instagram post. A female wild rusty-spotted cat got separated from her babies in a sugarcane field in India. With their help, the mother cat and her babies were reunited. Near the district of Pune, India, a local farmer noticed a pair of small … Read more

Two images of a large Savannah cat

A big cat mistaken for a cougar causes panic in neighborhood

In Vancouver, residents alerted the police after seeing what they thought was a wild feline wandering around their neighborhood. The animal in question is, in fact, a Savannah cat and has been returned to its owner, according to authorities. On a Wednesday afternoon, The Police department in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the city’s animal control … Read more