Cat page on Reddit hosts a Halloween cat contest

People love dressing up their cats for Halloween, and if the cats let them put the costume on, the results are adorable. The r/cats page on Reddit recently held a Halloween cat contest, and all the cats are absolutely spooktacular!

The Halloween cat contest

An admin on the page posted the announcement last week, requesting everyone’s best Halloween cat submissions.

They were accepting pictures of cats in their awesome Halloween costumes, including Photoshopped costumes. They also accepted cat pictures that were generally Halloween-themed.

As soon as the contest was announced, cat owners started sharing the best pictures of their cats. The Reddit page declared its own winners, but we wanted to share some of our favorite costumes as well.

Fabulous costumes

These two cats had some pretty unique costumes. We don’t think we’ve ever seen a Marie Antoinette cat and a Sherlock Holmes cat together before.

Cats in Marie Antoinette and Sherlock Holmes costumes.
These two cats make quite the fancy pair. Pic credit: @dellamella/imgur

This cat’s name is Dora? More like a-Dora-ble! We love this cute butterfly costume.

Cat in a butterfly costume
Dora makes such a pretty butterfly. Pic credit: u/bustedbottom1/Reddit

Some cat owners got extra creative, like this one who made a parrot costume for her cat, Tia.

Cat in a parrot costume
This cat looks like she could fly any moment now. Pic credit: u/thegardeningcat/Reddit

Funny costumes

Here’s an everyday outfit that makes a funny costume for a cat: a Target delivery man. He’ll probably want to sit in all the empty cardboard boxes.

Cat in Target delivery man costume
Linus is sure to bring all your packages right on time. Pic credit: u/purplemermaidsparklz/Reddit

This cat pulls off this sushi costume so well. There’s something so cute and funny about cats dressed up as food.

Cat in sushi costume
Better watch out, kitty, or someone might want to eat you! Pic credit: u/shell_raiser/Reddit

Monster costumes

This cat went with a classic monster look and became Franken-Cheese! Extra points for the tongue out.

Cat in Frankenstein costume
Cheese the cat makes a wonderful Frankenstein. Pic credit: u/PocketSizedSheHulk/Reddit

This cat is looking very regal in his vampire costume. Let’s just hope Count Catula isn’t out for blood!

Cat in vampire count Dracula costume
This vampire cat is looking very spooky indeed. Pic credit: u/dramaticmicdrop/Reddit

Grumpy kitties

We love a grumpy-looking kitty, especially one dressed up like the beloved childhood TV character Oscar the Grouch, from Sesame Street. He pulls off this look flawlessly.

Cat in Oscar the Grouch costume
This cat makes such a good grouch, and the trash can is a great touch. Pic credit: u/dorfita/Reddit

Say hello to this grumpy pumpkin! Cheddar doesn’t look like he appreciates the costume. We hope he didn’t have to wear it for too long.

Cat in pumpkin costume
Have you ever seen such an angry pumpkin before? Pic credit: u/Okaykate/Reddit

Halloween cat contest results

That’s it for our favorite costumes! We hope you enjoyed them. If you would like to see the winners selected by the Reddit r/cats moderators, you can look here.

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