Beautiful white cat with green eyes smiling

Yuumi is a supermodel cat who is stunning, but also very funny

Meet Yuumi, a beautiful cat who acts like a supermodel. She is so pretty and graceful that no one could resist her charm. Yuumi the star Yuumi’s owner posts pictures on Reddit, showing off how beautiful and photogenic her cat is. Even when Yuumi was still a kitten, she was already showing off her supermodel … Read more

Calico cat sitting in funny position

Hilarious cat likes to sit down like a human every day

Cats are pretty hilarious sometimes, and some of them even have quirks that make them extra funny. This cat owner is blessed with a beautiful cat who loves to sit in the funniest way. Sit like a human Peace is just a normal cat…mostly. She does normal cat things, like eat and sleep and cuddle, … Read more

Two cats sitting inside a fridge

Two cats love exploring strange places, including inside the fridge

Cats love to explore, and sometimes we find them in the strangest places. These two kitties are your average curious cats, and they love to explore everywhere, even inside the fridge! Explore everything! These two cats, Nagi and Karma, love to explore the strangest places. Their owner posted a picture on Reddit of them inside … Read more

Kittens rescued from streets are siblings

Two kittens rescued on different days by the same teenager turned out to be siblings

Barney and Robin, two siblings, were separately saved from the streets by the same girl. The kitties weighed less than 300 grams when this volunteer found them. In much better shape, the cats are now up for joint adoption. 17-year-old Aida Artusa discovered the felines separately by chance in her neighborhood. The four-month-old kittens were … Read more

Stray cat gets a new position as mascot

Stray cat, regularly visiting a printing shop, becomes the store’s mascot

In the United Arab Emirates, a stray cat found benefactors in a printing business. The moggy became so regular at the shop that the owners had to adopt him officially. Tom, the ginger kitten, is now a recognizable figure in the neighborhood, charming clients and online fans alike. Once a lone wanderer, Tom began coming … Read more

Blind cat is welcomed in a school

A blind cat rejected finds a forever home in an Italian school

Ray, a black and white blind kitten, was left abandoned in Noci, Italy. Yet, in a school in  Castellana Grotte, Ray found a home. The kitten has been through a lot of ups and downs. Here’s the feline’s touching story The two men from Noci discovered the kitten. Although blind, the puss didn’t look feral … Read more

funny cat meme cat on desk computer

Funny cat memes on Twitter showing the realities of remote life leave social media in stitches

Pets are family and provide unconditional love; however, that’s not where their talents end. Various funny cat memes on Twitter have left the viewing public in stitches as the photos capture the essence of the human experience of living remotely through the eyes of cats. Both students and remote workers have been entertained by cat … Read more

Fluffy cat lying on back on puzzle

Cat likes to lie on his back on the puzzles that his owner puts together

Leto is a cat who enjoys lying around…on his back! Not only does he have a weird sleeping position, but he also likes to sleep in weird places, especially on his owner’s puzzles that he’s currently trying to put together. Lying around Leto is a super fluffy Siberian cat who is about 18 months old … Read more