Two images: one of a storm drained being opened and one of a wet kitten in a blanket.

Kitten rescued from storm drain after residents hear its frantic cries for help

In Jericho, New York, a female tabby cat found herself trapped in a rainwater drain. Local residents who had heard the animal’s frantic cries called the emergency services. A team of firefighters was dispatched to help the terrified kitten. This rescue was the start of a new chapter for the tabby. First retrieved by the … Read more

A black cat sits on a sofa.

This 18-year-old abandoned cat found a loving home

Older cats that arrive at shelters are often ignored by their adopters. But this sweet-faced tomcat and a selfless woman have found each other and are determined to enjoy life together. In Newbury, England, Cats Protection has a specialization in fostering and placing elderly cats for adoption. Dizzy, an 18-year-old black male, came to the … Read more