This fitness cat just wants to exercise

Fitness cat begs owner to start the treadmill for his workout

As any cat owner or admirer will attest, feline companions can be quite demanding. And their owners often go out of their way to cater to their every desire. One owner recently shared that her ” fitness cat,” Leonardo, enjoys running on the treadmill. We learn via @leoelmamalon’s TikTok channel. In a video, the feline’s … Read more

Coconut the cat snatches homework from printer in video

A feline regularly raids the printer to grab his human  freshly printed assignments

A printer, or any other gadget that moves and makes noise, will captivate a cat’s attention. A Redditor posted a clip of his pet hijacking his printer to steal the printed paper. The cat in question is probably just as curious as any other cat, but his fascination with his master’s printer is amusing, at … Read more

tabby cat with cucumber slices on eyes

This famous tabby cat receives a luxurious spa treatment from its mother to the delight of fans online

In a popular YouTube short video, a famous tabby cat enjoys getting pampered in luxury by his mom. A post garnering over 512,000 views on YouTube is on its way to going viral. A calm, cool, collected tabby named Chase receives all the comforts of a spa day from his mother. In the video clip, … Read more

black cat on desk

This courageous cat survived a harrowing ordeal and finally received a happy ending

In August this year, Best Friends Animal Society shared a remarkable story of Pepper, the one-eye courageous cat who overcame adversity and found her forever home in the process. Courageous cat A little black cat named Pepper arrived at a municipal shelter in Utah with a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and a cataract in her … Read more

Tiktok helps woman fund her foster kitten dental surgery

Tiktoker raises money for rescue kitten’s dental surgery after pleading video went viral

On October 8th, a wildlife conservator named Natalie posted a video on TikTok, asking for support. Natalia had just rescued a black kitten who needed expensive treatment she couldn’t afford. Days after her plea, Natalie was elated to receive many donations from people empathetic to her struggle. Social loves to laugh and marvel at little … Read more

feral ginger cat

This feral cat transformed after encountering one special woman with a loving touch

In a heartwarming post on YouTube, a woman named Amber shares her journey of how tending to the needs of a timid feral cat changed her life. Feral cats Cats come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. There is a difference between feral cats and stray or indoor cats. According to, the most significant … Read more

orange tabby cat fat cat food bowl

This clever cat finds the perfect way to manipulate its owner to get what it wants

Cats are masters of finding different ways to communicate, including purring, meowing, and blinking. However, this clever cat has upped the ante with a new tactic. Demanding clever cat Meet Zoey, the crafty diva cat with an appetite and an attitude to match. In a viral Tik Tok post posted on August 19th, the orange … Read more