22-year-old cat surrendered because family couldn’t afford her finds a forever home

Even though Thelma was abandoned at the shelter when she was 22, she will live out the rest of her years being loved and cared for.

The senior cat was surrendered by her family who said they were no longer able to afford Thelma because of the rise in the cost of living.

The shelter was full and didn’t have the resources to help Thelma. Thankfully Best Friends Felines heard about Thelma’s story and were able to get her into a foster home.

Patchy and thin

Poor Thelma was in shabby condition. She was very malnourished and was basically skin, bones, and fur, which was missing in places.

Best Friends Felines knew that Thelma didn’t belong in a shelter. She deserved to live out the rest of her days in comfort.

They put out a blast on social media asking someone to volunteer to care for Thelma so she could be sprung from the shelter.

“She arrived via transport and what a state she was in–she was incredibly thin, full of mats and endless bald patches, but what a smoochy sweet lady she is,” Nikki of Best Friends Felines told Love Meow.

Thelma immediately got to making biscuits and purring up a storm when she arrived in her new home. She spent a whole day at the vet’s office getting cleaned up and having all her mats shaved off.

“She is looking sparkly new with a mat-free coat,” the rescue said.

Thelma was found to have a urinary tract infection but was otherwise in good health. Thelma has been placed in Best Friends Felines’ palliative care program.

The program offers a forever home for special needs or very senior cats like Thelma so they can have the best lives they could have.

“It doesn’t matter the breed, health status, friendly/ timid or in this case age, BFFs goal is to help animals in need, we do not just focus on the easy to adopt out ones or the ones that will cost less in vet work and bottom line she deserved better than to die in the pound surrounded by strangers in such a scary environment, they all do,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

Loved forever

Thelma loves her new home which is filled with lots of soft and cozy spots to cuddle in. There are also tons of toys to play with. And she is very in love with her foster family.

“She will live the remainder of her life however long that is in Best Friends Felines’ care with endless love from her carer, vet trips when needed, and a full belly and comfy bed.”

Learn more about how to help cats like Thelma at bestfriendsfelines.com.

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