A Siamese cat being cradled in a sling by his human mom

Family carries their senior cat around in a sling to give him the extra attention he needs

Ricardo, a.k.a. Ricky, is a 17-year-old Siamese cat that needs some extra attention in his advanced age. That’s why his family carries him around in a medical sling. Ricky’s family absolutely adores him. So, they make sure to keep him as comfortable as possible now that he has arthritis. Being pet helps to ease his … Read more

A two legged tabby cat standing up next to a picture of the same cat hunched over.

Two-legged cat looks like a fluffy velociraptor

If you quickly glanced at Duck, you’d think you were looking at a raccoon with his big bushy tail or a velociraptor with its hunched-over frame. But Duck is a two-legged cat. The double amputee rescue cat gets around on her two back legs. Duck has lots of adorable nicknames, including “fluffy velociraptor,” “little T-Rex,” … Read more