A ginger and calico kitten wrapped up in a blanket together.

These wounded brother and sister kittens kept each other alive until they could be rescued

When brother and sister newborn kittens Bonsai, a tortoiseshell cat, and Budda, a ginger cat, were found, they had severe wounds on their legs. They were also extremely underweight. Rescuer Melinda Blain, the co-founder of Bottle Baby Fosters, believes that the only reason they survived so long without their mother is that they had each … Read more

A white dwarf cat frowns at the camera.

This Dwarf cat’s perpetual frowning face says everything about her cattitude

Widget is a curmudgeon-faced dwarf kitty with all the “cattitude” you’d expect from a feline who wears a perpetual frown. And her mom, Michelle Roberts, wouldn’t change a thing about her. Neither would Widget. She’s the self-proclaimed “meanest 6.4-pound mother fluffer” around, according to her Instagram page, Widget was born as the runt of her … Read more

Side-by-side photos of a calico kitten next to a piece of paper and marker and near a computer

Orphaned kitten thinks she’s an intern and loves to help out around the office

Joey was just 4-weeks-old when she got her internship at Robin Easter Design, where her foster mom works. If she was going to be at the office all day, Joey figured she might as well help out and fill the role of office intern. When the orphaned calico kitten was brought into the care of … Read more

Two images of a black cat attacking a bread roll.

This cat is obsessed with Trader Joe’s ciabatta bread and will fight you over it

When it comes to Trader Joe’s ciabatta, Sparkle the cat lets no one get between her and her bread. It is her “precious.” According to mom Ariel, anyone that even goes near Sparkle’s ciabatta bread “must die.” You can have your hot dog rolls, your bagels, your baguettes. Sparkle doesn’t care about any other kind … Read more