A local man escapes McKinney Fire in Yreka, California, with his two older cats and nine fosters

In a local news story published by Redding Record Searchlight in August, a man, Lance Graff, known for his dedication to helping felines, rescued nine foster cats and two of his own felines from the raging McKinney fire in California.

Saving nine lives

As the McKinney fire raged in northern California, Graff had to evacuate his home. He had to ensure everyone’s safety. He took quick action as a cat dad to his older cats, Lucky and Duchess, and a fosterer of nine other cats.

Finding his way to his grandparent’s property, Graff brought only his cats and his necessities.

He documented his experience in a Facebook post, stating,

“I had to evacuate due to the McKinney fire in Northern California.
Currently staying in a tent, but I brought my essentials with me!”

Pitching a tent on his relative’s grounds to spend a couple of nights proved to be an interesting situation.

The weather conditions were hot, and he did his best to keep the cats comfortable and cool.

pitched tent outside
Fosterer Lance Graff and his crew of cats found refuge from the wildfire in this tent. Pic Credit:@Lance Alexander/Facebook

The ground was quite uncomfortable to sleep however Graff persevered. Even though conditions outside in the tent were less than ideal, the cats took it all in stride.

Fortunately, a person affiliated with an emergency shelter organization saw Graff’s social media post with the crew of cats in a tent. They reached out to him about safely housing the cats temporarily until they can find their forever homes.

McKinney fire

The McKinney wildfire started in the Klamath National Forest on July 29, 2022. It evolved to become one of the most destructive fires of the season.

The fire was named after McKinney Creek Road, close to where it ignited before having explosive growth over the next day and a half. The fire consumed more than 60,000 acres, destroying homes and structures, including causing four deaths.

Firefighters took command of the fire by August 28th, 2022. The cause of the wildfire is still under investigation.

rescued kittens in cat carrier
Foster kittens escaped the McKinney wildfire thanks to fosterer Lance Graff. Pic Credit:@Lance Alexander/Facebook

Wrap up

A California man helped preserve one of the nine lives of his two cats, Lucky and Duchess, along with one mother cat and her kittens on a summer day. Thanks to his quick action, the foster cats have a second chance at finding a new forever home.

What did you think of this inspiring story? Have you ever had to evacuate from a natural disaster with your pets?

Share your thoughts and leave a comment.

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