Missing cat returns to ring the family doorbell to be let in

Lilly, Stefanie Whitley’s cat, went missing from their home in Mastic Beach, New York. Consequently, the pet owner and her family were heartbroken.

Whitley was worried about the feline, who behaved more like a dog than a cat and regularly went out to roam the neighborhood. Still, it was really out of character for the active puss to be absent for a long time.

Eight years ago, Whitley met Lilly in a local shelter after a firefighter had rescued Lilly and her littermates and brought them to safety. When Whitley first laid eyes on the then four-week-old grey kitten, she immediately fell in love with the black kitten.

She decided to bring her home to care for her. The woman nurtured Lilly until the cat was old enough to fend for herself.

A special relationship was formed between Lilly and her caretaker. And in a short time, the critter was elevated to the status of a family member.

Whitley had recently moved to a new home in Long Island when the cat disappeared. The owner revealed that her cat had found the move slightly challenging.

Two weeks later, at ten o’clock at night, as the family was sitting together in front of the television, they all received a notice on their phones. In fact, Stephanie’s home security system included a camera linked to her automated doorbell and set off alarms whenever a guest rang the bell.

After receiving the notification, everyone gave each other perplexed looks because they could not figure out who would be knocking on their door this late.

It’s the missing cat at the door

As they watched the camera’s recording, Lilly’s face appeared on the screen staring back at them from within the frame. After making her way back to the family’s house, the cat was meowing to get entry.

The family was bewildered, amused. Whitley revealed in an interview:

“We gasped!”

They were so excited to see their cat that they hurried to the front door as quickly as possible.

Whitley thinks her cat knew exactly what she was doing when she rang the bell. Apparently, the moggy used to check the door anytime the bell rang.

The pet owner believes that without the ring camera, no one would have guessed that Lilly was back.

Since returning to her residence, Lilly has been completely recalcitrant about going outside. Evidently, her loved ones missed her just as much as she missed them.

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