Burglar caught after stealing cat’s collar.. which was fitted with GPS

A burglar was sentenced to eight months in prison after unwittingly stealing a cat’s collar fitted with GPS — which led police right to him.

The man was among thieves who raided a caravan while the owners, a young couple, were out to run errands.

As well as taking valuables from inside the caravan, they also made off with two cars parked outside.

The thieves sprayed the interior with liquid soap to hide any traces of fingerprints.

However, when the couple returned they noticed one very important detail. Their cat was safe and sound, but their furry friend was missing its collar!

Police snared thief in minutes using GPS collar

Not only had burglars stolen, among other things, a game console, checkbooks, and cash, but they also took off with the strap around the pet’s neck. Unbeknownst to the robbers, however, the collar had an integrated geolocation system.

According the newspaper La dépêche, when the cat owners filed a complaint at the police station in Toulouse, France, they told officers about the device. As a result, officers used a mobile app to trace the device to a travelers’ camp and snared one of the robbers just minute later.

Local media reported that the police retrieved the majority of the stolen goods as well as one of the two cars, and a 31-year-old man was arrested.

Cat collar’s thief goes to jail

On Monday, June 6th, the burglar appeared in court. The defendant denied all charges on the stand but despite his lawyer’s fervent pleas, judges found the man guilty. Since the man had a record with similar charges, the court sentenced him to eight months in prison.

Following the robbery, the couple had to look for new accommodation, and their second car is still missing. However, their cat is safe and well — and has been reunited with its collar.

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