Study finds human DNA on cats

Cats’ fur could help solve criminal investigations according to new research

For several years, investigators have relied on the extraordinary capacity of dogs to smell to demonstrate that a suspect was present at a crime scene. But what about cats, which are their greatest adversaries? Recently, investigators from Flinders University in Australia concluded that they, too, can be of great use in solving some types of … Read more

Cat eating mice is making people uncomfortable

Tiktok of a housecat eating mice has viewers torn

A Tiktok video showing a cat chugging trapped mice has viewers divided. Some think it’s nature’s pre-definite order, while others are not so convinced. Jordy Jared Fuentes has a Tiktok channel where he shares animal-related content. Viewers can get to know his dog, cat, and colorful birds. One of the content creator’s videos has initiated … Read more

This fitness cat just wants to exercise

Fitness cat begs owner to start the treadmill for his workout

As any cat owner or admirer will attest, feline companions can be quite demanding. And their owners often go out of their way to cater to their every desire. One owner recently shared that her ” fitness cat,” Leonardo, enjoys running on the treadmill. We learn via @leoelmamalon’s TikTok channel. In a video, the feline’s … Read more

Team rescues cats from rubble after devastating fire

Woman told cats perished in a house fire, later finds them alive in the rubble

Watching your life crumble before your eyes is a painful experience. After witnessing her house burn down, a poor woman also lost her animal companions as a direct consequence of the catastrophe. This woman wanted to check for her two cats, but firemen had told her they had perished due to the tragedy.  Miraculously, the … Read more

Locals help carry out cats rescue from dark garage

Cats are rescued from a dark garage after a year in captivity

The quick reactions of concerned citizens led to the successful rescue of cats and birds imprisoned in a cage in a garage in Pordenone, Italy. Authorities found the animals confined to teeny-tiny cages and housed in the gloomy and unwelcoming atmosphere of the garage. It’s believed the animals spent almost a year in this space. … Read more

Coconut the cat snatches homework from printer in video

A feline regularly raids the printer to grab his human  freshly printed assignments

A printer, or any other gadget that moves and makes noise, will captivate a cat’s attention. A Redditor posted a clip of his pet hijacking his printer to steal the printed paper. The cat in question is probably just as curious as any other cat, but his fascination with his master’s printer is amusing, at … Read more

A veterinarian university feline mascot passes away after twenty years

Farewell to Diego the cat, the feline mascot of the veterinary university of Lodi

The veterinary university of Lodi has lost an esteemed member this fall. Diego, the tabby cat, passed after twenty years of cuddling and inspired purrs. Originally, the calico puss was a stray who became a beloved fixture of the veterinary hospital’s classrooms and offices. Federica Pirrone, a professor of veterinary medicine at the Statale university, … Read more

Tokay, the cat who lives on the radio

Celebrity cat lives on a Swiss radio station

A celebrity calls the radio and television studios (RTS) in Lausanne, Switzerland, home. However, this public figure only takes the airwaves occasionally. Tokay, the cat, has been a resident of the public building for nearly two years. And he has acquired an excellent reputation in his region. Surprisingly Tokay is no stray; he had owners … Read more