Stray cat at wedding makes groom remember late father

A cat crashes a wedding, reminding the groom of his cat-loving father

A groom had a surprise on the day of his wedding. A stray cat joined the wedding guests during the religious ceremony held in Italy. Alessandra and her fiance Frederico gathered their loved ones to celebrate their union under the blessing of the Church. Unfortunately, one dear to their hearts was sadly missing: Federico’s deceased … Read more

Community helps student pay for cat surgery

A student can’t afford her cat’s surgery, but she gets unexpected help

A young student had an injured cat who needed costly treatment. The pet owner was desperate to treat her ailing companion, but the cat surgery would cost thousands of dollars. In short, the clinic was asking for money she didn’t have. However, when they heard about her plight, a slew of individuals, including a veterinarian, … Read more

Woman shares cat prank on Tiktok

Tiktoker pulls a popular cat prank on her kitten and goes viral

After playing a practical joke on her cat, Tiktoker Natalia Hurtado de Mendoza recorded the feline’s reaction incognito and posted it on social media. To prank her beloved grey kitten, Natalia Hurtado went the simple route. The concept was straightforward: she wanted to convince her cat of the presence of another pet in their home. … Read more

Cat on roof is rescued by fire department in Belagavi

A tomcat desperately clinging to the roof of a building is rescued

Cats excel in acrobatics. On the other hand, they also have a propensity to get themselves into dangerous situations, requiring their owners or onlookers to seek aid from a third party. On Saturday, July 23, 2022, a calico housecat caused a big commotion in an Indian residential area. The event occurred in the bustling district … Read more

A woman finds a litter of abandoned kitties while urbexing

Urban explorer discovers a litter of abandoned kittens in a deserted garment factory

During her exploration of a defunct factory, a British woman made a significant find. She uncovered a box containing a brand-new litter of kittens. This urban explorer came upon five stray kittens and brought them to safety into her home. Additionally, the blogger shared her discovery in a video to find a family for those … Read more

This greedy cat plays her entourage to get extra food

Manipulative housecat uses her charms to obtain free snacks from strangers

Never underestimate a greedy cat and its ability to get what it wants. Patch from Hull, England, is a shrewd feline who uses her flair to obtain extra food from strangers despite being adequately fed at home. This moggy acts as a lost and starving animal to scavenge food from anyone offering it to her. … Read more

The Sharing joy chair wins big at a design awards

Pet-friendly lounge chair allowing cat and owner to relax together wins Design Awards

A gifted design duo from Zhengzhou, China, has created a multi-function armchair to appeal to cats and their owners. Named “Sharing Joy lounge chair,” the piece won a prized accolade at the 2022 A’Design Awards in the furniture design category. Over the past decades, pets have increasingly joined our households as beloved family members. However, … Read more

Cat flushing the toilet increases water bills for owner

A man finds out his cat’s been flushing the toilet all day, racking up a huge water bill

When a man named Curt noticed his water bill increasing month after month, he didn’t immediately get the reason. After all, he wasn’t using more water… but his roommate was: the cat was flushing the toilet over and over. Cats are curious little creatures who love to have new experiences. Most owners have no clue … Read more