Cat becomes chonky when owner’s dad feeds her too much

This cat owner left on vacation and left his cat with his dad. But his dad got a little too enthusiastic and ended up feeding the cat too much food.

Too much food

According to the story that the cat owner posted on Reddit, he had to leave his cat with her babysitter for three weeks. He gave his dad instructions on how to take care of the cat, but cats are very good at begging, and the dad was not used to saying no. He ended up feeding her too much, and when her owner came back to get her, she had turned into a very chonky cat.

The people who saw the story on Reddit could guess what had happened. One commenter said:

“Dad probably fell for the ‘I’m starving and so cute,’ routine.”


The cat owner agreed that the cat was very good at begging, not just from his dad, but also from other people. He said:

“I actually had two people come to spend time with her and heard they both gave her food too much…Dad was supposed to feed her with my instructions, but he decided to give more. Friend came to play with my cat several times and brought her snacks every time and also gave extra food, even after I told her to not feed the cat.”

The cat had certainly been very persuasive, and her caretakers had not been strong enough to resist. But no matter how cute cats are, and how much they meow, people need to be able to say no in order to keep their cats healthy.

Chonky transformation

According to the cat owner, the cat wasn’t very slim before. But just a few weeks of overfeeding had tipped the scale and turned her into a very chubby cat. The owner said:

“It really does not take a lot of misfeeding with some cats and they get like this.

Tabby cat in a cat basket
Before picture of the cat. She’s looking chonk-free. Pic credit: u/Kriipi/Reddit

The cat got used to receiving all the food she asked for, but once her owner came back to get her, she was put on a diet. The owner was hoping she would return to a normal weight. He said:

“I feel sad for my cat, because I can see she is not as agile as before. She tries, but it is not the same jumping as before.”

No matter how much she begged, her owner would not feed her more than she needed to eat. Hopefully she can get back to a normal as soon and safely as possible.

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