A cat and an egge

Can cats eat eggs?

You may serve your cat eggs as treats because they contain high-quality animal protein. However, eggs cannot replace meat and fish in your cat’s diet. Being obligate carnivores, your cat needs protein from meat and fish products.

Side by side pictures of calico cat and orange tabby cat

Tinky and Honey are a stunning cat model duo

Tinky and Honey are a cat sister and brother, who also happen to be Instagram cat models. They advertise different brands of their favorite cat care products, and they do it with so much style! Meet Tinky and Honey Before they were a duo, there was just Honey. He is an orange tabby cat with … Read more

The front of an Italian restaurant, with a moped sitting outside.

Cat food brand Fancy Feast opens a pop-up restaurant for humans in New York City

Popular cat food brand Fancy Feast has announced that on the 11th of August they will be opening a pop-up Italian-style trattoria in New York City. The unique restaurant will be serving dishes inspired by Fancy Feast’s new Medley range of cat food, a range that promises to offer your cat an Italian fusion dining … Read more