Cat saved from flood in Pakistan

Amid deadly flooding in Pakistan, rescuers took the time to save a cat that was in danger.

Deadly floods

Since June 2022, terrible floods have been submerging large parts of Pakistan in water. Monsoon rains that were heavier than usual this year caused these deadly floods and sent the country into a state of emergency.

As of September, about one third of the country has been flooded. Because of the flooding, thousands of people have needed to evacuate their homes. Rescue teams have also been hard at work to save the people in more desperate situations.

But these rescue efforts aren’t just limited to the people. Many rescue teams have also given emergency aid to animals in need during the flooding.

A daring cat rescue

One of these animals was a cat that was stuck in a place that was about to be flooded. The daring rescue was caught on camera and shared all over news outlets and social media platforms as an inspiring example of human heroism and sympathy for animals during times of crisis.

In the video, a man rides an emergency zipline, carrying a cat away from the dangerous place it had been before to a safer, unflooded place. In a shocking moment, the cat almost jumps out of the man’s hold, but he catches it again and successfully carries it to safety.

The cat’s rescuers were from Rescue 1122, who posted the video on Twitter. Translated from Urdu, the post says:

“Rescue 1122 not only saved human beings in the recent flood, but Rescue 1122 also saved speechless creatures. Yes, Rescue 1122 personnel riskily moved the cat to a safe place on the river bank during the Bhapre flood relay and river flooding in Kayal Badshagai.”

Real heroes

The response to the rescue efforts of these brave and kind people were overwhelmingly positive, with many Twitter users commenting to thank them and calling them the “real heroes” of the flood rescue efforts.

One Twitter user, Joyce Karam, an international news correspondent from the United States, retweeted the post, saying:

“Not all heroes wear capes.”

In this case, the hero wore a life vest and safety equipment. It certainly takes a true hero to risk his own life to save an animal or person in need, and it takes a great amount of understanding and sympathy to save an animal that can’t ask for help.

As the flooding continues, we hope that the animals and people of Pakistan can stay safe and continue to receive life-saving help from these brave rescuers.

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