Masked cat Zorro now has a son who looks just like him

Zorro, the masked cat that went viral on the internet for his unique facial markings, now has a son who has the mask too. This new kitten is called Bandit.

Zorro is a cat owned by Indraini Wahyudin Noor, from Indonesia. His owner calls him Boy, but when he started posting pictures and videos of the cat on the internet, fans started calling him Zorro because the marks of his fur look like a black mask and hat.

When Zorro’s son Bandit was born in the early summer, it was immediately clear that he was just like his father. Even in his newborn coat, Bandit had black patches of fur around his eyes and on the top of his head, just like the markings that had led the internet to give Zorro his famous nickname.

Bandit and Princess

Bandit was full of energy and has been caught playing with Zorro. Or maybe he was just trying to annoy his dad, and Zorro was just very good at being patient. Either way, the videos of their moments together were adorable!

Bandit also had a sister named Princess. When she was born, her fur was almost completely white. But as she got older, her fur colors changed, a phenomenon that happens with many kittens.

As Princess’ fur pattern changed, she started to look more like her father and brother, with brown colored patches around her eyes. However, she didn’t get a full mask. Her markings stayed just above her eyes, making it look more like she had put on lots of heavy eye shadow. A perfect look for such a sweet little princess!

White kitten with brown markings over her eyes
Princess with her adorable eye shadow. Pic credit: @iwhy_75/Instagram

As Bandit grew older, his fur patterns started to change too. Unfortunately, his mask came apart and almost completely disappeared, leaving only a black smudge on his nose. But he still kept his black hat, and we will always remember how cute he looked in a mask when he was a newborn kitten.

White cat with black patches around ears and eyes
Bandit with his new fur pattern. Pic credit: @iwhy_75/Instagram

Unique cat family

Together, Bandit and Princess like to spend time with their father, Zorro, and their mother, who one commenter suggested should be called Catwoman. Their owner has posted several videos of them relaxing together, and a few of Bandit and Princess bothering Zorro with their kitten shenanigans. But he’s a patient dad and lets them have their fun.

Although Bandit no longer wears his mask, he still looks so much like his father. He and his sister Princess add so much personality and energy to this family of unique-looking cats, and their fans love to see them all together.

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