Energetic kitten keeps her dog brother on his toes with her ninja moves

Kittens are so full of energy! When these people adopted a new kitten, they were probably expecting a very energetic new addition to their home. But this kitten was so much more than that. She had such serious moves when she played with her puppy brother that she was like a tiny ninja.

Meet Mochi!

The kitten is an adorable female tabby named Mochi. Her owner first posted about her on Reddit in September, introducing her as the newest member of their family.

The pictures already hint that she will be quite the energetic kitten. In all three pictures that her owner posted, her eyes are wide and alert, probably looking for the next big thing she can devote all her energy to.

When Mochi met her new dog brother, a puppy named Theo, she found something she could get all her energy out on. The two of them enjoy playing together, and they’re so good at matching each other’s energy.

Ninja kitten

But even though Theo is pretty good at play fighting, Mochi is on a level all her own. She has some serious moves that make her look like a ninja, hopping and leaping around and getting back to her feet in lightning speed.

Her owner caught her and Theo playing on video. Her skills are seriously impressive!

Mochi and Theo are already very good friends, and they love playing with each other. But sometimes, Mochi is even too much for Theo. In the video, he glances at the camera as if to say, “A little help here? This kitten is crazy!” Their owner said:

“He has a blast with her, but she brings the heat.”


When Theo can’t match Mochi’s energy, he tries to get away. Their owner said:

“They are definitely pals. Our kitten has a lot of energy though, so our pup has to hide away to recharge sometimes.”

That’s completely understandable. If anyone had to fight a ninja kitten all day, they would get nervous too!

Tabby kitten meowing
Would you challenge this ninja kitten to a fight? Pic credit: u/secretchoochoo/Reddit

Ninja energy and kitten love

Overall, Mochi has added so much to her new home already. Her owner said:

“She brings a lot of energy and a lot of love to the house.”

Maybe she can teach Theo all of her moves, so he can be a ninja puppy too. She definitely keeps him on his toes.

Even though Theo has a hard time keeping up sometimes, he is probably glad that Mochi joined his family. These friends love each other, and together they’re the perfect and most playful duo.

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