This funny cat turns everything into a real-life horror movie

As Halloween approaches, many people are watching scary movies. But this cat owner is living in her own horror movie, and the terrifying monster that is haunting her is her own cat!

Sweet on the outside

Baron is a gorgeous gray kitty, and she’s usually very sweet. Her owner loves Baron and her other cat, Mu, very much.

Baron is not only a very beautiful cat who poses for pictures just like a professional meowdel, but she is also very sweet and playful.

Her owner posts many pictures and videos of her on Reddit. In many of them, she shows her playful side, jumping around the house and climbing up on the bookshelves, or sitting by the window and meowing at whatever she sees moving outside.

These pictures and videos also show her sweet side. She likes to cuddle with her owner and knead blankets, spend time with her sister Mu, and take cat naps.

Gray cat sleeping
Baron is really a very sweet cat. Just look at this cutie sleep! Pic credit: u/illbeyourslave/Reddit.

The horror within…

But as many cat owners know, even the sweetest cats can have moments when they are almost sinister. Baron has done her part to turn her owner’s life into a real-life horror movie.

One of the things that Baron excels at is giving her owner that chilling feeling of being watched. In one of the pictures she has taken of Baron, you can just barely see the cat’s head, watching her through the window. The caption on the picture says, “Spot the hitman.”

Gray cat in the window
Don’t go in there! Baron will get you. Pic credit: u/illbeyourslave/Reddit

But Baron’s owner isn’t only being watched. She’s also being followed. When she is in a room with a closed door, Baron’s paws appear under the door, trying to reach her or force a way in. Just add some scary music, and this would turn into a horror scene straight from the movies!

Setting traps

Baron also loves climbing on things. Some of the places she likes the best are the tops of doors. The way she perches up there, you can’t help but think it would be the perfect place for her to wait to strike. All she needs to do is wait for her owner to come through the door, and then she’ll leap down for an epic jump scare.

If this wasn’t enough nightmare fuel, Baron also decided to set another trap for her human. She tore a hole in one of the couches, and it’s big enough for her to fit inside. In a video, she waits inside, and when her owner pokes the couch, out comes a paw, waving around, ready to swipe at anything in reach. One day when her owner least expects it, she might trap her in her claws!

All in good fun

Everything that Baron does just shows how playful she is. She may not actually be trying to trap her owner inside a horror movie, but it’s still fun to imagine it that way, especially with Halloween just around the corner.

We hope Baron, Mu, and their owner continue to have lots of thrills and fun together.

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