How many is too many? This cat owner has seven cats.

How many cats is too many cats? Some people may only be able to handle one or two, but this cat owner has seven awesome kitties, including two cats that she is fostering.

Too many?

This cat owner, who goes by the username u/BeansandWeiss, posted a picture of her kitties (and her dogs too) on Reddit and asked:

“I mean 2 are fosters but maybe I have too many cats. How many is too many?”

Some people responded, saying that you can never have too many cats. Of course, these people were just expressing their enthusiasm for cats, and they weren’t being very serious.

Although many people would love to have an infinite amount of kitties and an infinite amount of time and resources to take care of them, there’s usually a limit. Responsible cat owners should find that limit and be realistic about it.

Many people gave some good advice in their comments. One Reddit user said:

“It’s too many if any of the following are true:

1. medical problems go unnoticed because not enough 1 on 1 time with each pet

2. can’t keep up with litter boxes/cleaning

3. can’t remember everyone’s name

4. can’t keep up with expenses.”

It makes sense. Cats are amazing, and they deserve all the love, care, and attention they can get. If an owner can’t provide all this for their cats, they might have too many cats. But as long as they can provide it, they’re welcome to give a home to as many cats as they can have!

Just the right amount!

u/BeansandWeiss certainly has the time and resources to take care of her many cats and dogs. She makes sure to give them a comfortable home with food, water, litter, toys, and all the things they need to be happy. She pays for them to get them spayed and neutered and for other medical expenses.

This awesome owner also celebrates their birthdays, making sure to do something extra special for them that day. Best of all, she knows all of their names and personalities, and she spends time with all of them. She loves taking pictures of all her awesome pets too.

She’s a great pet owner, so we think that she doesn’t have too many cats. It may be too many for some people, but not for her.

Meet the cats

Now that we’ve reached our conclusion, it’s time to meet her cats! From left to right, top to bottom, there is Shark, Tanuki, Malak, Deagle, Noodle (foster), Pinky (foster), and Clue.

Collage of seven different cats
She knows all of her cats’ names and personalities, and she loves taking pictures! Pic credit: u/BeansandWeiss/Reddit

All of these awesome kitties deserve so much love, and she gives it to them.

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