Kitten captivated by bottle of sparkling water charms Tiktok

More than two million people worldwide have been captivated by a Tiktok clip that shows a cat finding a novelty:  a bottle of sparkling water.

The cat’s fascination with the bottle had viewers amused. The video has gained widespread attention and made many people laugh out loud.

Laurie Baltazar is the proud owner of a Persian tomcat called Georges, or Georgii, when he’s being cute. In fact, the cat owner loves her one-year-and-a-half-old pet so much that she created a Tiktok page for him.

Followers can watch the feline learn new tricks, get excited about toys, and fall dramatically from a table while snooping in his mistress laptop bag.

Although the new channel only has a few videos, it has amassed a small following. Yet, one video had particularly impressed viewers.

Posted on October 8th, the clip records Georges in complete admiration in front of a Perrier sparkling water bottle. It didn’t take long for Laurie Baltazar’s video to go popular.

During this brief sequence, the cat stares at the bottle, awestruck by the bubbles forming inside.  Every time a gas bubble floats from the bottom to the top, Georges wiggles, transfixed.  

He’s trying to figure out the magic behind this phenomenon.

The kitten and the sparkling water enthrall Tiktok

n just a few short days, the film has been viewed by more than 2.5 million people. People from all over the world have been quick to comment on the reaction that George displayed.

Tiktoker @ Franck Vignon loved the clip, writing:

“he’s so sweet 🥰.it might keep him busy for a while😂😂”

One commenter, @Kaff231, jokingly wrote:

“That’s so cute. I do the same thing, only the bottle is marked Guinness… and I’m drunk😏”

Many viewers congratulated Laurie for her adorable pet and dexterity at taping the right moment. Others suggested she try with other objects, like a lava lamp, to see the cat’s response.

In the meantime, Laurie has been taking advantage of the attention. The Frenchie suggested her followers tag the water brand Perrier to see their reply.

Honestly, Georges’s clip is a rather excellent free commercial for Perrier. If the brand marketing department didn’t think of it sooner, they should hire the Persian as a spokesperson.

Judging from their previous reactions, social media users certainly wouldn’t mind.

If you enjoyed Georges’s funny video, visit his Tiktok account to see the adorable cat doing all kinds of feline things. This cat was bound for internet stardom.

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