Kitten refuses to leave porch until she’s given a home indoors

An abandoned calico kitten named Nuggie was wandering the neighborhood until she found a house that she wanted to be her forever home. So, she hunkered down and didn’t move, in protest to be let inside.

Nuggie sat on the homeowner’s porch with her little paws on the railing asking to be let in. The homeowner wanted to make sure the ball of fluff was safe and didn’t get hit by traffic.

So, they reached out to Detroit Community Cat Rescue who was able to pick up Nuggie within the hour. The neighbors were grateful that this extra tiny kitten was getting the care it needed, the rescue told Love Meow.

Bite-sized darling

She was named Nuggie, since she was bite-sized. She was described as being “darling” and “fragile” but also having a “fierce” fighting spirit and will to survive.

Nuggie was extremely happy to not be out in the wilderness on her own. She was very happy being taken care of and fed.

Let’s just say that Nuggie was a big fan of indoor life. It didn’t take long before Nuggie took full advantage of her new foster home with Jennifer.

She hopped up in the cat tree, would scratch away at the posts, and was great at using her litter box. She especially loved having a roof over her head, lots of food, and plenty of snuggles.

Nuggie even got some medical treatment for her upper respiratory infection. It didn’t take long before Nuggie was healthy enough to hang out with other kitties.

Feline friends

Nuggie was found to be an exceptionally social kitty. She made friends with every kitty she came across. Despite being a tiny nugget of a cat, the calico could hold her own when roughhousing.

While Nuggie made lots of feline friends, she fell in love with her bestie Rosebud, a tortie foster. Nuggie loved to hug and clean her new bestie.

They spend their days zooming around the house or cuddling. Nuggie is living her best life thanks to her determination to find someone to take her in.

Nuggie will take a little bit more time to settle in her foster home and heal before she’s ready to find her forever home. But she will eventually be put up for adoption with the Detroit Community Cat Rescue.

You can get updates on Nuggie on Detroit Community Cat Rescue’s page on Facebook and Instagram.

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