Meet Hōkūleʻa, surfing cat and environmental activist

Hōkūleʻa is part of a particular ‘breed’:  water-friendly cats. In fact, this little guy from Hawaii takes it much further. He enjoys getting on a surfboard and swimming with his owners Alessia and Pat, in the turquoise waters of the island.

An adopted kitty who likes to surf

There’s a consensus that most cats are not the biggest fans of water. Many cat parents have sustained ‘war injuries’ while trying to bathe their puss.

However, this cat’s parents Alessia and Pat, who live in Honolulu, can’t relate to the situation. Their cat Hōkūleʻa, or Hoku as he’s called for short, is a textbook Hawaiian. Water is his element.

Hoku was adopted at eight months at the Hawaiian Humane Society. Eearly on, showed an affinity for water. According to his parents, the kitten would jump in the shower with them. Plucky Hoku also had a thing for backyard playdates on rainy days. And he was never one to skip bathtime.

As a result, his parents hooked him on the local sport: surfing.

An outdoorsy cat

When Alessia and Pat decided to bring Hoku along to the beach, they made sure to do some research beforehand. After much reading, they took the plunge.

Hoku didn’t show any particular apprehension towards the big blue. He was like a fish in water from the get-go. The only thing which made him uneasy was strangers getting too close.

First, the cat learned to stand on the paddling board. Next, he was surfing with his family like a pro.

Nowadays, Hoku catches big waves with his companions. He even often jumps from the board into the ocean for a little dip. La dolce vita.

Hoku’s outings are not limited to surfing. He also tags along for hikes and road trips, or wherever adventure awaits him. Although according to his owners, during road trips the feline usually falls asleep in the backseat. Just like the rest of us.

 Hoku is a cat on a mission

When Hoku is not surfing, he’s busy being an influencer. His Instagram page chronicles his experiences.

In Hawaian language, Hoku means “star”. And a star indeed this feline is. His escapades have been relayed on various media worldwide, from New Zealand to Italy.

As well as showing him taking part in action-packed activities, Hoku’s Instagram page also advocates for the protection of our planet. Environmental issues such as the pollution of oceans with plastic waste are dear to his heart. The water-loving puss wants to keep his playground as clean as possible.

Posts on his Instagram include calling-out bad behaviour, highlighting the impact of humans on the ocean, and giving responsible advice. An eco-friendly hashtag is never far. Hoku also throws the occasional sustainability Wednesday. Talk about a busy cat.

Cats like Hoku have shown that felines too can be adventures buddies. The trend is catching on with an increasing number of people taking their cats with them as they take part in outdoor activities.

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