Ragdoll cat longed for kittens and her dream finally came true!

An adorable Ragdoll cat who longed for kittens of her own has finally had her dream come true.

A TikTok user who goes by @pearlsragdolls shared a sweet video of her cat Summer’s journey from longing for motherhood to finally welcoming a litter of her own.

The video quickly went viral and has now amassed over 3.5 million views and over 1 million likes. Viewers can’t get enough of the gentle cat’s story of finally achieving her dream of becoming a mother.

Desperate Times

Summer’s owner who cares for thirteen Ragdoll cats in total, shared how Summer’s desire for motherhood caused her to take desperate measures to reach her dream.

The viral video explains that Summer began to steal her sister Nymeria’s kittens and try to claim them as her own. Her owner was saddened by her sweet cat’s desperation but had to take the kittens from her and remind her that she was not their mother.

A dream comes true

Within the uplifting video, Summer’s owner reveals that the story has a very happy ending, as Summer was finally able to have a litter of her own. 

The maternal cat is shown blissfully nursing her new kittens, clearly basking in the joy of new motherhood. It’s clear from how peaceful the Ragdoll cat appears to be that her fondest wish has come true.


Summer is already the happiest mama

♬ sonido original – alee.🧋

An outpouring of support

As soon as the internet witnessed Summer’s sweet journey to motherhood, they couldn’t help but share their delight at her dream coming true. The video’s comment section was flooded with well-wishes for the new mother.

One commenter noted how Summer looked “So content with her own little babies”, and another exclaimed joyfully: “Yay Summer has her babies!”

A screenshot of a TikTok user's comment.
A commenter reacting to Summer and her kittens. Pic credit: @pearlsragdolls/Instagram

A screenshot of a TikTok user's comment.
Another commenter expresses their joy for Summer. Pic credit: @pearlsragdolls/Instagram

An unexpected twist

This sweet story actually took an unexpected turn. Several days after posting the video detailing Summer’s journey to motherhood, her owner revealed that despite her new status as a mother, Summer was still stealing Nymeria’s kittens!

In a video that states: ‘Summer is back to her old antics’, the cheeky Ragdoll cat is shown again going on the lam with a little kitten that is not her own.


Reply to @fitrialiah_ Summer is back to her old antics

♬ original sound – Pearl’s Ragdolls

Hope for the future

Hopefully, despite Summer struggling to give up her kitten-stealing ways, the maternal cat will eventually be satisfied with her own litter of kittens, so that she and her sister Nymeria can raise both of their fluffy broods in harmony.

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