A tabby cat lies against a woman wearing a fake beard.

This woman started wearing a fake beard to trick her cat into liking her

When we last checked in with married couple Lindsey and Drew, Lindsey was competing with their cat Roswell for her husband’s love.  The Dodo has now shared a new video that explores Lindsey’s latest ploy to leave the life of a third wheel behind; wear a fake beard and trick Roswell into thinking she’s Drew. … Read more

A ginger cat sits in a car with two people and three teenager.

This cheeky cat gatecrashed her family’s road trip by stowing away in their camper van!

Delilah the cat surprised her family when they discovered that she had snuck into their camper van to join them on their road trip. The family of five; Andrea Scholten, her husband, and their three children were traveling to the EAA AirVenture 2022 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin when they discovered that their ginger kitty Delilah had … Read more

A man sits at a table beside a large calico cat.

Bandit the cat foiled a home invasion by alerting his owner to the break-in

As reported by NBC News, a cat named Bandit saved a Mississippi man from having his home burglarized by alerting him to the attempted home invasion as it happened. Bandit’s owner Fred Everitt lives alone with the calico cat and he shared that their usually quiet life was upturned when two burglars tried to break … Read more

A gray tabby cat wears a mesh top with a fan connected to it.

Tokyo’s cats are being given wearable fans to beat the heatwave

This summer Japan has been experiencing record-breaking temperatures and they are currently in the midst of a major heatwave. Tokyo in particular has seen temperatures soar up to 86° Fahrenheit. The unforgiving heat inspired a company Tokyo clothing company to create wearable fans that can help the city’s cats trying to handle the heat.  Heating … Read more

Two images of a long-haired tabby cat, one with a pink flower in her mouth and one without.

Willow the cat brings her favorite neighbor beautiful pink flowers every day

Willow is a friendly feline who enjoys visiting her neighbors but one neighbor, in particular, has become Willow’s favorite and she showers them with affection every day by bringing them beautiful pink flowers from her garden. The lucky neighbor who has earned Willow’s adoration is named Rosie and she spoke to Love Meow about Willow’s … Read more

The front of an Italian restaurant, with a moped sitting outside.

Cat food brand Fancy Feast opens a pop-up restaurant for humans in New York City

Popular cat food brand Fancy Feast has announced that on the 11th of August they will be opening a pop-up Italian-style trattoria in New York City. The unique restaurant will be serving dishes inspired by Fancy Feast’s new Medley range of cat food, a range that promises to offer your cat an Italian fusion dining … Read more

A tabby cat in a field, in a hunting stance.

A Polish Institute has shockingly classified cats as an ‘Invasive alien species’

A Polish Institute has angered cat-lovers worldwide by adding cats to a national database of ‘invasive alien species’ which is run by the academy’s Institute of Nature Conservation. Wojciech Solarz, a biologist at the Polish Academy of Sciences, has faced backlash for adding cats to the database which identifies plants and animals that are considered … Read more

A colorful row of unique cat houses.

When a man discovered that the building he bought had a cat colony he built them all their own condos!

In 2019, real estate developer Mark Lane purchased a historic building in New York known as The New York Wire Works. Having been built in 1888, the large former factory had a long storied history, and Lane quickly discovered that it was also already occupied by some furry tenants! Upon purchasing the property, Lane found … Read more

A ginger cat with a deformed face sits outside on a large stone.

This sweet cat was cruelly labeled ‘too ugly to love’ now he has all the love in the world!

Romeo, the beautiful long-haired ginger cat, had a rough start in life. His unusual appearance led to him being cruelly labeled ‘too ugly to love’ but thankfully his story has a happy ending because he found a forever home full of endless love. Romeo had been living on the streets of Valencia, Spain when he … Read more

A grubby ginger kitten is being held in a gloved hand.

A garbage collector rescued three kittens that were cruelly discarded in the trash

Terrance Taylor, a sanitation worker in Lebanon county Pennsylvania, discovered three discarded kittens in a trash can during his daily route and rescued them from their terrible situation. Taylor posted a TikTok video to his account that documented the dramatic rescue of the three ginger kittens and the footage captured hearts across the internet with … Read more