Stray found clinging to life makes a total transformation in foster care

When Bronx, NY resident Sarena found a tiny orange tabby in a stairwell, she wasn’t sure if he was going to live. But thanks to the loving care of Little Wanderers NYC, he got his happily ever after.

The tabby was covered in dirt and couldn’t breathe well due to a severe respiratory infection. The little guy’s eyes were also crusted shut.

Sarena, who volunteers for the cat-catching foster care organization, immediately brought the 4-week-old kitten in. He was rushed to the vet to be treated and fought to stay alive.

Saved by the belly rubs

The miracle kitten was named Lucky Seven and slowly started regain strength. He finally opened his eyes and would meow for affection and belly rubs.

Adrienne stepped up to be Lucky Seven’s foster mom and provided him with around-the-clock feedings and lots of love. Lucky Seven made a complete transformation in her care.

The once wobbly kitten who couldn’t see and could barely breathe was now wide-eyed, happy, and very affectionate.

“He’s lucky to be alive and he’s got the lungs to prove it–he’s happy,” the folks at Little Wanderers NYC told Love Meow.

Lucky Seven finally became strong enough to meet Adrienne’s house cat Casper. Casper was rescued from the same place and same person as Lucky Seven.

A perfect foster fail

So, he became a great match to help Lucky Seven learn the ropes of being a cat. Casper taught Lucky Seven how to get really good at playing.

They loved tumbling around in cardboard boxes and climbing up cat trees. Even though he found a new friend, Lucky Seven was very loyal to Adrienne.

He was always following her around the house and loving on her. He was like her little kitty shadow.

When he wasn’t following Adrienne, Lucky Seven would spend his days playing until he was so tired that he needed a nap. Lucky Seven fit in so well with his foster family that they decided just to make him a permanent member.

“We fell in love with him. We could never let him go. He’s a spirited little guy with endless energy. He’s also becoming good friends with our Casper, who was also rescued by Sarena in the same building in the Bronx, which feels serendipitous,” Adrienne said.

Now, Lucky Seven is a foster fail that is winning pretty hard at life. Especially considering that his life was almost a very short one!

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