Orange cat sits with paw on fence, looking at camera

Cat lovers can get “Inside the Mind of a Cat” with this new Netflix documentary

We love cats, but sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s going on inside their heads. A new Netflix documentary, Inside the Mind of a Cat, explores this question and helps viewers understand a little more about their feline friends. Like cats and dogs In the beginning of the documentary, the narrator summarizes a common misconception … Read more

A tabby cat sits in the middle of a bed.

Billi the cat can speak! See how her owner taught her to communicate using special buttons

Billi is a 13-year-old cat whose owner taught her how to speak! Billi’s owner Kendra is a veterinarian who specializes in zoo, aquatic, and wildlife species. She rescued Billi from the streets back when she was an undergraduate at college and after trying to find her a home with no luck, she decided to keep … Read more