Two cats lie on their backs on a carpet.

This couple tested their cat’s love for them using science – and it revealed some interesting results

Alie and Micah are the proud owners of the YouTube channel Neurotransmissions, and their two cats Bill and Loki. Alie, a Neuroscientist, and Micah, a therapist are married and together they make videos about all things brain-related for their channel. Given how much they love their cats, they decided to test just how much they … Read more

A long-haired ginger tabby sits inside a cat house.

This rescue takes care of cats who have nowhere to go when their owners pass away

Hearts That Purr: Feline Guardians in Tuscan, Arizona, is a non-profit cat rescue and organization that specializes in homing cats that have had to be surrendered because their owner has become terminally ill, incapacitated, or has passed away. It is a place for cats who “were never unwanted but have been essentially orphaned.” When a … Read more