Meet Dapper Daniel Diapurrman – a special needs cat who has an incredible owner

Dapper Dan the Diapurrman was rescued from the streets with his siblings when he was six weeks old. The kittens were brought to a shelter where it was discovered that Dan was dragging his back legs. Once volunteers at the shelter realized that Dan’s back legs were paralyzed, they called The Orphan Kitten Club to … Read more

Aoife is a disabled cat whose owners make sure she keeps living her best life

Aoife (pronounced EE-fa) was named by her foster mom, and she chose Aoife because it means beautiful in Irish. When Aoife was initially rescued as a kitten, it was thought that she had flat kitten syndrome and an inguinal hernia, both of which can be fatal illness. But it turned out she had a bad … Read more

People from around the world helped this cat with a fused jaw get the help she needed

Smiley was rescued as a kitten after being found in a storm drain. She was taken to a rescue group called Whisker Town Cats in Florida, USA, where it was discovered that not only did she have an obvious cleft upper lip, but a jaw that was fused together too. This meant that she couldn’t … Read more

Maya the cat makes the most of her differences and advocates for good

Maya’s appearance looks a little different due to a chromosomal abnormality. She has an extra chromosome and although her condition is sometimes compared to that of Down Syndrome in humans, its not the same. However, Maya does have some special needs that arose mostly because of how her face formed as a result of her … Read more

This sweet kitten was injured by a dog – but she got the special care she needed

Belle was attacked by a dog as an eight week old kitten. Thankfully, an onlooker was able to break them apart before any lethal damage was done, but Belle had sustained injuries to her face, and she nearly lost an eye. She was taken to a nearby shelter where staff immediately started reaching out for … Read more

Widget the grumpy rescue cat with feline dwarfism is not afraid to show her displeasure

Widget is one grumpy rescue cat. She was found with her litter-mates when they were all around four or five weeks old, and taken to the Carroll County Humane Society. When they arrived at the shelter, Widget was the only one with feline dwarfism – a genetic condition that causes a cat’s growth to be … Read more

This couple built a room in their house to help house motherless kittens

Onur and Cansu are a husband and wife team from Turkey who have dedicated their lives to helping out the most vulnerable felines around them. Together they carry out Trap Neuter Return (TNR), rescue vulnerable cats and house them until they can get adopted, and offer a place for homeless cats a safe place to … Read more