This famous tabby cat receives a luxurious spa treatment from its mother to the delight of fans online

In a popular YouTube short video, a famous tabby cat enjoys getting pampered in luxury by his mom.

A post garnering over 512,000 views on YouTube is on its way to going viral. A calm, cool, collected tabby named Chase receives all the comforts of a spa day from his mother. In the video clip, you can see how spoiled this puss is.

Cat spa day

At the beginning of the video, Chase’s mother puts the cat on his back and prepares him for his spa treatment. The bedding consists of a basket lined with a cozy paw-print blanket.

His mom tucks the cat inside the cozy brown paw print blanket, leaving his head exposed. Followed by a head, ear, and neck massage with a facial roller and electronic massager device, there is no length to how far his adorning mother will go.

Next, Chase’s mother places a moist face mask on the cat to replenish his face with moisture. Followed by cucumber slices adorning his eyes, the pampered puss grows sleepy.

Chase enjoys every minute of receiving treatment like a king. With a steaming mist above, his mother adds final touches of paw balm to his front and back paws before tucking his feet back inside.

This pampered puss is living his best life. The popular YouTube short received over 65,000 likes and over a thousand comments from viewers.

Viewers respond

No question, this famous tabby cat enjoyed getting all the attention; however, it wasn’t the only one. Fans chimed in with their thoughts online.

One fan wrote, “I love how Chase is really chill when he is getting his Spaw Treatment.”

And another viewer said, “…It’s like he knows everything you’re doing is for his benefit. He has complete and total trust and just goes with the flow, which is usually the exact opposite for cats. He is truly special.”

cat facial roller
Chase enjoys a manual massage with a facial roller from his owner. Pic Credit:@DontStopMeowing/YouTube

An enamored viewer remarked, “Chase is a human soul with cat adorable. [I] can’t take my eyes off from this.”

While a fellow cat lover wrote, “Aww, Chase deserves this! Cats are incredibly special and bring light and love into our world. He’s so beautiful! He really loved that massage!

Final thoughts

Cats bring so much joy and love into the lives of their owners. It’s only fitting that humans take time to return the favor and pamper their pets once in a while.

As pet parents, seeing your pets happy and thriving brings the greatest joy. You can see more of Chase living his best life with his family on YouTube.

relaxed tabby cat in blanket
Chase is fully relaxed after a day of pampering. Pic Credit:@DontStopMeowing/YouTube

What did you think of this funny video? Do you pamper your pets too?

Leave a comment and share your experience. If this story made you smile, share it with a friend.

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