Beautiful white cat with green eyes smiling

Yuumi is a supermodel cat who is stunning, but also very funny

Meet Yuumi, a beautiful cat who acts like a supermodel. She is so pretty and graceful that no one could resist her charm. Yuumi the star Yuumi’s owner posts pictures on Reddit, showing off how beautiful and photogenic her cat is. Even when Yuumi was still a kitten, she was already showing off her supermodel … Read more

Coconut the cat snatches homework from printer in video

A feline regularly raids the printer to grab his human  freshly printed assignments

A printer, or any other gadget that moves and makes noise, will captivate a cat’s attention. A Redditor posted a clip of his pet hijacking his printer to steal the printed paper. The cat in question is probably just as curious as any other cat, but his fascination with his master’s printer is amusing, at … Read more

Calico cat sitting in funny position

Hilarious cat likes to sit down like a human every day

Cats are pretty hilarious sometimes, and some of them even have quirks that make them extra funny. This cat owner is blessed with a beautiful cat who loves to sit in the funniest way. Sit like a human Peace is just a normal cat…mostly. She does normal cat things, like eat and sleep and cuddle, … Read more

tabby cat with cucumber slices on eyes

This famous tabby cat receives a luxurious spa treatment from its mother to the delight of fans online

In a popular YouTube short video, a famous tabby cat enjoys getting pampered in luxury by his mom. A post garnering over 512,000 views on YouTube is on its way to going viral. A calm, cool, collected tabby named Chase receives all the comforts of a spa day from his mother. In the video clip, … Read more

Tokay, the cat who lives on the radio

Celebrity cat lives on a Swiss radio station

A celebrity calls the radio and television studios (RTS) in Lausanne, Switzerland, home. However, this public figure only takes the airwaves occasionally. Tokay, the cat, has been a resident of the public building for nearly two years. And he has acquired an excellent reputation in his region. Surprisingly Tokay is no stray; he had owners … Read more

Two cats sitting inside a fridge

Two cats love exploring strange places, including inside the fridge

Cats love to explore, and sometimes we find them in the strangest places. These two kitties are your average curious cats, and they love to explore everywhere, even inside the fridge! Explore everything! These two cats, Nagi and Karma, love to explore the strangest places. Their owner posted a picture on Reddit of them inside … Read more

orange ginger cat

This woman’s conversation with her talking cat is a hit on social media

Meet talking cat Monroe! This orange tabby is a darling on social media and known for his quirky “meow” responses to his mom on Tik Tok. Cat communication As pet owners, our pets are family and use different ways to communicate. Cats utilize various methods to communicate with their humans. From slow blinks and head … Read more