This man adopted a sibling for his eldest cat with separation anxiety, and what happened next will warm your heart.

When a man living in New York City brought a new kitten home to meet his timid eldest cat Toulouse, he didn’t know what to expect. Suffering from separation anxiety, this cat’s father faced quite the challenge.

New addition.

In a heartwarming video on YouTube, a man recounts his experience bringing his new Himalayan kitten home to meet his older cat. When he brought home the new addition Tibbs, he assumed all the stereotypes about the breed.

Himalayan cats’ temperament is typically more shy and relaxed; however, Tibbs breaks all the rules. Tibbs is more rambunctious, curious, and playful.

So when this father of two felines welcomed home the new addition, he knew it would be interesting.

His homebody resident cat, Toulouse, is older and suffers from a bit of separation anxiety. So, it’s no surprise that he was initially skeptical and anxious about the new kitten.

In contrast, Toulouse’s behavior with his father was always clingy. He never wanted to be apart from his dad.

Filling the void.

Cats that suffer from separation anxiety, like Toulouse, want someone nearby at all times. Luckily, the new family member Tibbs helped fill that void.

Tibbs’s hyperactive nature helped bring Toulouse out of his shell. They have now bonded and are brothers who enjoy playing together.

Toulouse helps bathe Tibbs at times. And together, they enjoy sitting by the window sill watching the real-life happenings in the streets of New York City.

These two brothers have formed a close bond and get along seamlessly now.

Wrap up

A man hatched a plan to help his older cat suffering from a bit of separation anxiety. Welcoming a new baby brother into the family’s fold helped ease the separation anxiety and void felt by the eldest cat.

Now a family of three, this cat dad and his two felines enjoy daily life with the added joy and companionship their new addition, Tibbs, brings.

Final thoughts

Humans are creatures of habit, and felines are too. So when the need for companionship and closeness arises, finding solutions is not always so simple.

Luckily for this man, adopting a second cat into his home worked like magic to help provide the support and comfort his other cat needed.

You can follow Toulouse and Tibbs in their daily life adventures on their Instagram pages.

Do you have a pet with separation anxiety? How did you help them become more at ease?

Share your experience in the comments below. Remember to share this inspiring story with a friend.

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