This polydactyl cat has alarm clock duty in his household

In a viral Tik Tok post with over 18 million views, one Tik Tok user with the handle @reznor_the_cat trains her polydactyl cat to wake up her child for school. The plan gets a larger-than-life reaction online.

Reznor, the polydactyl ginger cat, is a darling on social media. With a following of over 926,000 people, this cat has captivated cat lovers with his good looks and personality.

In a TikTok post on October 17th, the chunky cat is seen walking down the hallway with encouragement from his mom. A written caption reads, “Training my cat to wake up my kid for school,” as the cat approaches the end of the hallway.

With two closed doors at his disposal, Reznor selects the door directly in front of him. He proceeds to paw, scratch, and meow at the door as if to inform the person on the other side it’s time to wake up.

Reznor’s efforts prove fruitless as he does not realize the door in question is not a bedroom door but instead the bathroom. With help from his mom, she tells the curious cat, ” That’s the wrong door. This door.”

She points and attempts to shift his attention to the adjacent door as her child is asleep behind the door. Reznor appearing disinterested now pauses for a brief scratch behind the ear before making his way back down the hall as the video clip ends. 

Viewers react

Fans of Reznor, responded with amusement and delight to his efforts. One commenter stated, “Cutest alarm ever getting hangry!!!’ 

Another fan added, “We had a cat who lived to be 20 years that did this. I miss my alarm clock.” 

“[W]rong door? [W]elp, I tried.” noted another viewer. 

Rise and shine

The cat’s attempt failed this day, but Reznor is not a quitter. On a different day, the crafty feline succeeds in his mission to ensure his mom is awake in this clip below.

Training cats

Despite existing stereotypes, cats can be trained just as their counterpart canines. According to Animal Behavior College

Training a cat involves an extensive understanding of the feline mind. While the average cat lover might feel she understands cat behavior, it’s often more complicated than she realizes. While you might be able to see some common innate behaviors among all cats, there are still variances between individuals—even in the same breed—when it comes to temperament, energy levels and social needs.

Training cats requires patience, planning, and consistency, but it is possible. Teaching felines new tricks and behaviors can provide big benefits to cats and their owners’ lives.

Final thoughts

One woman’s efforts to train her cat as a living alarm clock did not produce immediate success however the experience provided entertainment and a viral response from fans on social media.

You can follow Reznor and his amusing antics around the house on TikTok. Does your cat act as an alarm clock in the morning?

Do you teach your pet new tricks? Leave a comment.

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